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Save The World With Me

Global Warming, Deforestation, Polution, Plastic, Waste, Water, Population Growth, Resource Overload….

We’re quickly shrinking our ability to withstand change in our small, constrained World.

Here, you can discover what others are doing to Save our Planet, and How YOU can get involved.

Network of People

Collaborate to act against Climate Change, Global Warming, Pollution, and Ecological Damage. Be positive. Share information. Think Global, Act Local

Climate Action NOW !! provides a common home and repository of information for affiliated Climate Emergency Action Groups.

We aim to collaborate on Web Technology, Strategies, and Action Plans, sharing these amongst our affiliated groups.

We observe that many Climate Groups spend excessive effort and energy just keeping going.  We aim to reduce this effort, thereby allowing people in each group to spend more time delivering what is important – Climate Action – rather than spending time on the drudgery of websites, calendars, developing plans, and implementing actions.

Where do you fit in?

We are a network of independent groups, sharing common internet resources to help tackle the Climate Emergency,  By sharing resources, we help each other.

We’re aware of several local groups, affiliated, and completely independent.  You can contact the affiliated groups, using the links at the top of the page.

Where does Climate Action Now fit in?

Climate Action Now is a tool for Environmental Groups to share information, experiences, and Best Practice between each other.

By providing a common repository of Shared Resources that other groups can draw upon, we aim to move faster towards a better environment.

By leveraging the experience of others, you can get on with making a difference, instead of wasting time (building and maintaing a website, for example!).

This is still a young facility.  If you would like to get on board, drop send an email to hazlemere.climate@gmail.com, and we’ll do our best to help.  If you have something to offer, we would be VERY pleased to hear from you.

Get in touch !!