Cranleigh Climate Action

Cranleigh Climate Action

“Working with the community in Cranleigh and surrounding villages to take positive action against climate change!”

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Tuesday 30th April 2024, 7.30pm in Cranleigh Sports and Social Club
Members meeting

Cranleigh Climate Pledges

We created Cranleigh Climate Pledges because we believe we can’t leave it to others to respond to the climate emergency, and that we need to act.
We’ve identified 6 areas where we can reduce our personal impact on the climate: transport, food, at home, stuff we buy and use, nature, and the influence we have on others.
We’re personally pledging to act across those areas, and encouraging everyone in or around Cranleigh to join us.
To explore ideas for your own changes, visit

Climate Cafe
In Cranleigh Library

Past events

How we started…

At a meeting on 13th June 2023 in Cranleigh Village Sports and Social Club members agreed to upgrade Cranleigh Climate Action to an official body: an unincorporated association.
“Cranleigh’s carbon footprint per household is larger than the national average”. That’s what members learned from Mark, from Zero Carbon Guildford. He went on to explain that Cranleigh’s consumption of goods and services was the culprit – with a higher consumption of goods and services than the national average.  “Reduce, repair, reuse, recycle,” should be our watchwords he advised. 
The Climate Action group aim to support the community in Cranleigh and the surrounding villages to reduce emissions of all sorts of greenhouse gasses to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030 and eventually become a Climate Positive village.
Lynda, elected as chair, quoted Greta Thunberg. “She said that there isn’t one solution for our changing climate but what is needed is to change the conversation” – and “that” Lynda continued “is what Cranleigh Climate Action aims to do –organising small and maybe bigger projects to help residents and businesses locally make the changes we need to reduce all harmful emissions and to make our village more resilient to the changing climate.”
Members discussed their initial projects, including a community fridge, monitoring air quality and a “reduce, recycle”fashion show together with Cranleigh’s wonderful charity shops amongst other initiatives.

About us:
Cranleigh Climate Action was set up in 2019, and became an unincorporated association in June 2023. Our aim is to  support the community in Cranleigh and surrounding villages to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030 and to become a Climate Positive Village by:

  • disseminating information and promoting action on climate change,
  • carrying out local activities to mitigate the effects of climate change, and to improve resilience,
  • working with other local organisations and businesses to achieve these ends.

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