Cranleigh Climate Action

Come and join us for a New Year social!
Tuesday 17th January 8pm
The Three Horseshoes Cranleigh

We want to share some fantastic ideas to help us live greener lives.  Deborah Meaden of Dragon’s Den, together with Felicity Hannah, produces the podcasts “The Big Green Money Show.

Here are 3 simple tips from the podcast for this January:

  • Use less new stuff as far as possible, for example look for pre-loved clothes – we’ve got great charity shops in Cranleigh – Find quirky stuff, be your own stylist
  • Check out the Repair Café in Godalming – next open day 28 January – in William Noyce Centre, by the car park in Godalming.

One big repair idea is simple enough – descale your washing & dishwasher machines and kettles every 6 months they will last years longer (although most of us in this area have soft water so this one may not be particularly relevant).

Vacuum cleaners should last for many years.  If yours isn’t working well try getting a new filter – use the instruction booklet and change the filter.

And if you really get into repair look at

Or listen to why it’s so hard to get things mended

  • Reduce digital waste- use less ink, use eco fonts.  

Ecofont Vera Sans (originally called Eco Sans) was developed in the Netherlands in order to reduce ink consumption. Each character in the font contains tiny holes.

There are others have a look at these sites –  and

Cranleigh Climate Action was set up in 2019. Our aim is to:

  • help educate people about climate change and sustainable living through events, talks, workshops, hints and tips.
  • work with the local Parish Council, Waverley Borough Council, Cranleigh Library, Cranleigh Arts Centre and other bodies to help the above.
  • help our local community: individuals/groups/businesses/schools to move towards a more sustainable way of doing everything, ultimately to carbon neutrality!
  • help promote existing local groups also working on environmental projects and invite these to shared events.
  • set up/help individuals and groups to set up projects to promote environmental awareness.