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Climate Emergency Activities in Hazlemere

Climate change and the Environment are impacted by many things.  Within the Hazlemere area, there is lots of current activity going on.   Here’s a list of activities, and contacts:

Topic District Detals Contacts
Solar Power Hazlemere Looking at gettting solar panels installed on the Parish Council buildings in Hazlemere Recreation Ground, and the Parish Council Offices  
Solar Power Hazlemere Solar Streets – Promoting community power generation, by installing Solar Panels onto the roofs of several houses in each street  
Recycling Hazlemere Whilst the weekly rubbish collection is pretty good at collecting a lot items for recycling, there are many things that it can’t cope with.We’re teaming up with Teracycling to recycle those difficult items such as:Toothpaste tubesToothbrushesCrisp PacketsSee the full list here  
Rewilding Hazlemere Planting Wild flowers for the benefit of Bees and Birds.Creating Bee Corridors so that plant pollinators can move between fields  
Reuse Hazlemere Promoting goods with reuseable containers, such as washing-up liquids, where people refill their own containers, rather than replacing the container with every purchase  
Reuse Global No Disposable Cups – Promoting the use of reusable cups for Coffee outlets  
Reuse Global Reusable packaging – Wider scale that just Coffee Cups – use your own containers for all sorts of take-away foodstuff, such as reusable pizza boxes