I want to collect seed

You can pick up your pack of seed for 1 square metre of wild flowers from any of these addresses. You will probably find the seed under an upturned bucket, or something similar, by the gate, or in a plastic bag in the porch, where you can just take a pack.

Some community groups have also taken packs to share out.

When you’ve planted your seed, please scan the QR code on the leaflet and enter some details so we know where they have been planted! Thank you

We’ve listed these in Post Code order to make it easier for you to find a collection station near you ( …while working on trying to get them on google maps!)
  • HP11 1SQ: Wrights Meadow Centre, Wrights Meadow Road
  • HP11 2DG: Roosters, 7 Oxford Street
  • HP11 2DG: Dennis Kebabs, 8 Oxford Street
  • HP11 2HL: Shafiq Computer Gallery, 12 White Hart Street
  • HP12 3BP: 42 Eaton Avenue
  • HP12 3NU:28 Deeds Grove
  • HP12 3PE: 3 Mount Close
  • HP12 4DD: Appletrees, Pinewood Road, Sands
  • HP12 4PG: 5 Cressex Road
  • HP13 5AF: 168 Amersham Road – box of seeds on the low front wall by the gate – please help yourself!
  • HP13 5AZ: 43 Green Road, Terriers
  • HP13 5EB: 11 Telford Way
  • HP13 5EF: 12 Tancred Road
  • HP13 5EL: 43 Disraeli Crescent 
  • HP13 5HE: 6 Coates Lane
  • HP13 5JH: 23 Pheasant Drive, Downley – seeds are in a blue box by the front door – help yourself – please put the lid back on securely!
  • HP13 5JY: 1 Curlew Close, Downley
  • HP13 5NY: 36 Conningsby Road
  • HP13 5PE: 280-282 Hughenden Road
  • HP13 5PZ: 9 Brands Hill Avenue
  • HP13 6SH: 14 Priory Avenue
  • HP13 6DD: 19 Arnison Avenue – seeds are in a plastic bag in the porch to the front door – help yourself.
  • HP13 7PT: 54 Tyzack Road
  • HP13 7HA: Hills Cafe
  • HP13 7NX: 54 Guinions Road
  • HP13 7NX: 35 Verney Avenue
  • HP14 4NX: The Village Hall and Community Shop, Coombe Lane, Hughenden Valley
Community Groups
  • Church of Christ the Servant King
  • St Andrew’s Church
  • Refugee Partnership
  • Community Allotments
  • Community fridge
  • One Can Trust