How many R’s are there in Waste – well, er, none – and if you use all the R’s, there will be no waste!

We are adding ideas on how to do all these things as and when we can.


Marmite is a waste product of brewing – except that it isn’t a waste product at all. One person’s waste can be another persons useful resource. Rethinking in systems can stop waste happening in the first place.


We don’t yet have a ‘library of things’ in High Wycombe. We would like one. If anyone would like to help set one up, please get in touch: hwcb@buckinghamshire.gov.uk


Do you need that free gift? 

Reduce – less is more
Repair – throw it away? No way!

Use our new monthly repair cafe. The first one will be at All Saints Church (the Church right in the middle of High Wycombe Town Centre) on 14th August 2021, from 10 – 1. There is already a repair cafe in Marlow, on the first Saturday of every month. WE are learning from them, and our plan is to have one on the second Saturday of each month. Hazlemere is also trying to get one up and running, on the third Saturday… Here is a link to the Marlow Repair Cafe. https://transitionmarlow.org/home/repaircafe/

If you are interested in helping make a success of the repair cafe, please get in touch: hwcb@buckinghamshire.gov.uk