We’ve all heard many times that our planet is in crisis, and that it’s mostly caused by us humans.

Our perspective at Climate Action Now is that there is a crisis; lots of other people are warning about it, but lots of other people dont understand, can’t quantify, or feel powerless to help.

We’re here to help.

We will try to explain the situation in terms that you can grasp (these “Problem” pages), but we’d like to pay more attention to the things that CAN be done, by you, by your friends, by your family, by your colleagues, by the people you meet.

So, what do we think are the main problems?…

  • Global Warming:  The world is getting hot.  You may not feel it, where you live.   The Sahara Desert has expanded by an area double the size of France, in the past 100 years.
  • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide):  A major cause of Global Warming, but also a significant cause of acidification of the sea.  Water and carbon dioxide combine to form carbonic acid that prevents shellfish baking shells, and kill corral.
  • Plastic: A wonderful material, but it simply lasts too long.  It can take 100’s of years to degrade, and all that time it can pass through the digestive systems of animals, frequently killing those that eat it.
  • Waste:  Some countries are doing a great job of managing their waste.  Others simply tip into a hole; some actually bury it (landfill), but it can find it’s way into the water system, as it rots (if we’re lucky).  Reuse, Recycling, and Responsible Disposal are vital steps to tackle these issues.
  • Methane: 23 x worse than CO2 for global warming.  All animals create methane (some more than others).  Our ruminating livestock (cows, sheep) create more methane than enough.  Recently, the Netherlands shut down it’s construction industry to meet air quality standards, because the country’s livestock was producing too much methane!!
  • Ecology and Habitat Loss:  Humans are encroaching on the natural habitat of other creatures, and unwittingly damaging ourselves at the same time.  Beavers were elimitated from the UK, leading to floods.  Bees are under threat from housing development, damaging polination of the food crops that we need to eat.
  • Town Planning can be a major benefit, or a major disaster in managing our growing population, our desire to live individually, and our desire to live in houses that are too big for us.
  • Population: The most difficult problem to solve.  World population is growing at 82 million people every year, and they all want the benefits of longer life, better living standards, more resources, more of more!  Whilst this is probably the biggest single problem, the payback is extremely slow.  Scientists tell us that we have 10-30 years to fix Global Warming, but it will take much longer than this to fix the population question.  If you know how to fix this one, please let us know !!

The good thing is that by understanding these problems, we can begin to fix them.  The questions are:

  • How soon can we do it?
  • How can you help?

Explore these pages, to find out what YOU can do to help us ALL.