The production and consumption of Energy for Business, Household , and Personal use is probably the biggest single cause of emissions that cause Global Warming.

It follows that the Energy sector is an extremely significant target for people to address, if Global Warming is to be minimised.

Fortunately, the Commercial Energy sector is adddressing carbon emissions:

  • Building Wind Farms and Solar Farms
  • Shutting down Coal fired power stations

We could do more.   WE could invest, to:

  1. Reduce our energy consumption,
  2. Minimise our Carbon Footprint
  3. Save our money

The following pages present a holistic approach to delivering against these objectives:

  • Understanding and Optimising your electricity bills
  • Using Battery Storage to reduce your electricity bills
  • Using Solar Panels to get free electricity
  • Using Green Electricity instead of Gas to reduce your Carbon Footprint
  • Using the most efficient heating systems to reduce your Electricity usage
  • Being aware of the Refrigerants used in Heat Pumps, and how they can contribute to Global Warming

You may not be able to make use of all these options, but some may be of use to you.  Whilst you may not be able to afford to do all these things today, be aware that prices are coming down, and you may like to develop an investment programme, to address some, this year, and others in coming years.

The most important thing is to have fun understing what CAN be done, then figuring out HOW YOU can help PREVENT Global Warming.