Rewilding in Hazlemere

Rewilding is a form of environmental conservation and ecological restoration that has significant potential to increase biodiversity, create self-sustainable environments and mitigate climate change. Rewilding aims to do this by reintroducing lost animal species to natural environments.

In Hazlemere, we’re actively looking for opportunities to rewilds areas of the village.

We have an active programme to rewild a small area of Parish Council land in Brackley way.  The intention is to remove planted grass, install a flower bed, seeded with insect friendly plants.

As covered on the Bee pages, insect’s refuelluing locations are regularly dug up, and replaced with an environment that is convenient for humans, that reduces bio-diversity, and reduces the insect’s ability to move between feeding/polination areas.  This in turn reduces the insects’ ability to migrate, and threatens human’s ability to farm and cultivate crops, as well as reducing gardener’s opportunity to polinate flowers in their own gardens.

We hope that the rewilding activities will be a stimulus to local gardeners to increase the biodiversity of their own gardens › what-is-rewilding